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High Tensile Fastener

We manufacture a range of high tensile fasteners for precision-driven sectors like Automotive, Wind Energy, Aviation, Aerospace, Farm Equipment, Infrastructure and Defence.

  • Wind Energy Fastener

  • Automotive Fastener

  • Chasis Fastener

  • Engine Fastener

  • Aerospace & Aviation Fastener

We would like to introduce ourselves as the best high tensile fastener manufacturer in rohtak as well as we are the best high tensile fastener supplier in rohtak. We also manufacture hex bolt, socket head cap bolt, collar bolts, studs, counter sunk skew, high tensile bolts with superb quality & support all over in rohtak. Call us or enquire us for all types of industrial fasteners & bolts in rohtak.

high tensile fastener manufacturer

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We are experts in this industry with over 7 years experience. We have become one of the best
manufacturer of high tensile fasterner in rohtak, haryana, india.
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